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Hi there! I'm Jessica!

Most days you can find me on the couch, in leggings, happily working on a lettering project. Usually with my 65 pound assistant (dog) sitting partially (90%) on top of me. (Keep scrolling if you'd like to experience her staring into your soul.)

Iā€™m a designer and lettering artist. I love taking letters and twisting them out of their usual shapes and combining and composing them in new and unexpected ways to form pieces of art.

When Iā€™m not drawing letters, you can find me drinking coffee (exhibit A) at a local coffeeshop, having a Belgian beer with my husband, or laying in bed binge watching pretty much anything on Bravo or HBO.

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"What's a jelligun?"

Jelligun is a goofy little word that is a combination of my first name (Jessica), with my maiden name (Ellingson), and my married name (Gunderson). It has become a sort of pseudonym I use to represent myself, my business, brand, and my art. I sell greeting cards, notepads, art prints, coffee mugs, and other fun products that have been featured on websites such as,,, and


Do you have a custom lettering project in mind? Let's chat!