"What's a jelligun?"

In January of 2013, while living in Germany with my then fiancรฉ, I began to design the invitations for my own wedding. Several ideas and small changes later, I had a whole computer folder filled with invitations to all sorts of imaginary events, greeting cards and even small art prints. That is when I decided to open my shop. In March of 2013 I started an Etsy shop called jelligun- a combination of my first name, maiden name, and married name- and have since been filling it with all sorts of illustrative paper goods, inspired by my every day life.

I got married on June 21st, 2014, and while they went through many (many, MANY) variations, our final invitations still contained several elements that I had designed while back in Berlin. 

Since then, I have expanded jelligun to include art prints, notepads, mugs, and more. My style is colorful and quirky. I love the unexpected, like a classy, floral and feminine design with a couple naughty words in it or a straight to the point motivational mug for your morning coffee that says "Get it together." Jelligun products are designed for those with great taste and a fabulous sense of humor