Introducing the first Jelligun font!

Guess what, you guys?! I made a font! I've worked so hard drawing, tweaking, and perfecting each letter- and I have loved every second of it! It was SO fun to make, and I'm so excited to share it with you!

Jelligun is a cheerfully fun style, brimming with energy and personality. Using a combination of sans serif uppercase, loopy lowercase, and quirky decorative elements, makes creating eye-catching typography rediculously easy! The soft and bouncy letters give your text a sweet, hand-lettered feel, and the uppercase characters can be used on their own for a great attention grabber.

Take a peek below to see some of the 250+ glyphs included, and get some ideas for fun ways you can use Jelligun in your next project.


Check out this print I made using ONLY the Jelligun font! I combined the uppercase, lowercase, and symbols to make this super sweet print for your kitchen. And you can download for free it by clicking below! With over 50 illustrated elements, adding unique finishing touches to your text with the Jelligun font is a piece of cake! (Are you sensing a theme here?)

Jess GundersonComment