Introducing Salt & Vinegar!


I’d like to introduce you to my newest font- Salt & Vinegar! Salt & Vinegar is a spunky font, with a distinct personality. The playful block letters give your text a charming, hand drawn feel, through the use of quirky letters and unique ligatures. It works perfectly for attention grabbing titles, as well as being easily readable in longer blocks of text.

I was inspired by children’s books and I feel like it would be the perfect match for your funky illustrations and short stories, but it would also be great for stationery, social media, magazines, marketing, branding, and more!


I had so much fun making this font, that I had to make a fun illustrated print to go with it! I combined the uppercase and lowercase to go with these stylized herb illustrations. And you can download for free it by clicking below!

Jess GundersonComment